May 29

Written by: Molsbee Roofing Inc
5/29/2013 8:22 AM 

More hurricanes than usual are expected to blow in this year—protect your roof to minimize damage and lower homeowners insurance premiums.

Your roof takes the brunt of a hurricane, which can pack winds in excess of 155 mph. These winds exert an uplift effect that can pull off roof shingles, tiles, or even the underlying roof deck. A well-maintained roof is better able to resist high winds.

Most people would never consider looking for a reputable roofing contractor in anticipation of a hurricane, but consider the advantages:
• You will not be trying to locate a roofer while dealing with the stress of a leaking roof!
• You will have time to check out local roofers’ experience and proper business practices on such highly regarded sites as the Better Business Bureau.
• You will avoid contracting with “fly-by-night” companies who do substandard work and leave you without a warranty and, most times, without recourse. (Some of these companies set up a local phone number and a temporary store front in order to fool you into thinking they are local.)
• You can immediately call the companies you trust, and avoid ending up on a long waiting list!
At Molsbee Roofing we are proud of the fact that most of our new business comes from the referrals of our 100% satisfied customers. We have stayed in business for over twenty years by using only the highest quality materials, employing experienced and courteous crews.

Call Molsbee Roofing today and ask about our Preventative Maintenance Program.

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