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1/17/2013 8:06 AM 

Green roofs can last longer than conventional roofs, reduce energy costs with natural insulation, create peaceful retreats for people and animals, and absorb storm water, potentially lessening the need for complex and expensive drainage systems.

The layers of a green roof must, like any roof, accommodate drainage and protect the building from the elements with a waterproof membrane. But they also must create a growing area and potentially provide support, irrigation and root protection barriers while staying as light as possible.

Two types of green roof exist: intensive and extensive. Intensive green roofs are essentially elevated parks. They can sustain shrubs, trees, walkways and benches with their complex structural support, irrigation, drainage and root protection layers. The foot or more of growing medium needed for an intensive green roof creates a load of 80-150 pounds per square foot. Extensive green roofs are relatively light at 15-50 pounds per square foot. They support hearty native ground cover that requires little maintenance. 

Green roofs replace a hard infrastructure with one that's not only more efficient, but also beautiful and useful. They also offer office workers a rooftop retreat and apartment residents a place to plant gardens or relax. Even non-accessible green roofs create stunning aerial views for surrounding neighbors and provide wildlife with a secluded, safe space.

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